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  • Mood:  Ecstatic
  • Listening to: Dimitri from Paris, Dream Theater, Jamiroquai, Cassius
  • Reading: Multitude of comic books, some biographies
  • Watching: House of Cards, Several films on Netflix etc.
  • Playing: Overwatch, Rocket League, Call of Duty: Black Ops III (every now and then), Doom with Project Brutality
  • Eating: Whatever recepies I'm willing to try out.
  • Drinking: Pepsi and Diet Pepsi ^^

Hello people. As you have probably noticed, I haven't been too active as of recent. As always, there is a reason and this time, it's about my college education.

As it turns out I finally received mail, that confirmed that I just became a Bachelor of Political Science. I wrote my rather lengthy thesis about certain political entity in the 1960s United States and I was happy to receive a good grade from the final assignment. With the thesis out of the way, I got the confirmation and thus I have my first college degree.

I'm now back at work, doing the same hospital job I've had for a few years. I'll try release new art, now that I've received my degree. Stay tuned for more =)
  • Mood:  Energetic
  • Listening to: Midnight Star (RnB music basically)
  • Reading: More course books
  • Watching: Rick and Morty, The Wire, MLP (when there's a new episode)
  • Playing: Metal Gear Solid V, Heroes of Might and Magic III (with the recently released Forge faction ^^)
  • Eating: Steak ^^
  • Drinking: Pepsi of course

Well people, I once again have to apologize for my lack of activity here as of recent. Since August, I've been entangled in the two worlds of hospital work and university studies. This year happens to be very special for the fact, that I have begun working on my Bachelor's degree, which by my current estimate should be done by next spring =).

Due to these circumstances, my art has been stalling way more than it should and for that I'm sorry. I will try to commit my time towards new releases, but it isn't as easy as I would like it to be.

As a small compensation, I will give a climpse of what I'm making right now. Hopefully I will get it done asapProgresso V by Ocredan


1.- You have to post these rules
2.- Each person has to share 13 things about them
3.- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 13 people (I won't comply with this rule, I'll choose the number of folks ^^. Those who I tag do what you please)
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6.- Not something like "you are tagged if you read that" 
7.- You have to legitimately tag 13 people. (As I said per above)
8.- You can't say that you don't do tags.
9.- Tag-backs are ALLOWED
10.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
11.- You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
12.- Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
13.- Cussing is ALLOWED

Tagged by: :iconponyadler86:

Well, let's get down to business, shall we? ^^

13 Facts About Me

1) My art teacher told me in 8th grade, that I could never draw anything decent for as long as I lived. ^^

2) I used to be a military medic for a bit. A part of me wants that life back.

3) I've lived in a city all my life. I enjoy crowds.

4) I grew up in the 1990s. My memories of those times are very warm and I wouldn't mind visiting the 90s again. Too bad there are no time machines

5) Give me a bottle of pepsi, a good book and a decent workout program and I'm happy ^^

6) I enjoy participating in sports more than actually watching sports.

7) I host movie nights quite frequently back home. I have a habit of showing both good and bad movies. Curiously enough, watching bad movies with my friends can be more entertaining at times :D .

8) You'll probably beat me in bowling. I love to bowl but I'm terrible at it :)

9) Noon is my favorite time of the day

10) I'm always up for new things, as long as people don't try to push them down my throat

11) I have a bad habit of trying to do too many things at once. Needless to say, it complicates matters

12) I release stuff here way too rarely. My university studies, work, friends and my part time laziness are to blame

13) I'm a very talkative person. I am the kind of guy who wants to keep the conversation running

PonyAdler's Questions:
1. For those studying in school, college or university, how do you somehow keep up with your studies and at the same time create art on a frequent basis?

I try my best, sometimes my art will be stalling.

2. How did you discover the fun of drawing?
I mentioned to a few of my friends back in early 2012, that I couldn't draw. They challenged me to draw and after submitting a crude piece, I actually realized that I enjoyed making it. Been drawing ever since, not always as much as I should though.
3. Which deviant artist inspired your drawing style/you to keep practising in drawing?
Ooh, that's a tough one. I think for now I've been keeping my style pretty close to the show. I cannot list all the people that have been helpful though.

4. Do you think drawing or painting for a living is a good idea and why?

If you have passion, dedication and a clear vision what you want to do, then definitely. It is however a road that isn't easy to take.
5. If you're a digital artist, what would you tell other artists wanting to do digital art but in some way have no access or unable to get a pen tablet? If you're not, what would you say to artists wanting to draw traditionally but could not find the motivation to? 

Fortunately, there is a lot of good software to use, even if you don't own a tablet. Drawing tablets these days aren't too expensive either, so if you can spare 80$, you get a wonderful starter tablet
6. What gets your drawing mood going?

A slow day most of the time. Also for some reason, I really want to draw, while at work.
7. If you were given the chance to learn one subject which you like without having the pressure of exams, what would it be?  

Administrative Law
8. Princess Twilight or Luna?

Can't I have them both? ^^
9. Which means more to you: Watchers, favourites, views or comments?

Watchers and comments I'd say.
10. Is there anything you wished you had done in the past? 

Learning more languages
11. Learned a music instrument? If not, which one would you like to pick up?

Alto saxofone. I can still play it quite well.
12. If you were or already a really popular artist/musician, how do you handle the loads of comments in any of your inbox?
I would do my best to answer all of them.

13. Do you have dream related to the MLP fandom you wish to achieve?

Just bringing joy to people. I only want the fandom to be as good of a place for anyone interested in the show as possible.

Ocre's Questions:

1. What's your favorite holiday destination?

2. Favorite film genre?

3. If you could meet one person right now, who would it be?

4. How's 2015 been so far?

5. Got a guilty pleasure? If you do, mind sharing? :P

6. What would you call your biggest accomplishment?

7. Would you call yourself active by nature?

8. What kind of things you absolutely can't stand?

9. Gun or Sword?

10. If you make art, what would be your tip for emerging new artists?

11. Are you big on books?

12. Waiting for any games this year?

13. Favorite gaming platform?

I'll tag the following people: :iconironwoodakacleanser:, :iconvapedragon:, :iconmarblemooncat:, :iconnismyfform:, :iconinternetianer:, :iconggd15:  :iconjhilton0907:, :iconpinkietane:, :icongavin-the-bunny:

Merry Christmas to each and every one that celebrates it!
  • Mood:  Hopeful
  • Listening to: Earth, Wind & Fire
  • Reading: Whatever books my courses require me to read
  • Watching: Whatever is convenient
  • Playing: God of War III, Final Fantasy VII (again)
  • Eating: Muesli
  • Drinking: Imported Diet Pepsi

So it has come to this. Autumn came, Bronycon, as well as my vacation ended a long time ago, with both being even more amazing than last year. Basically everything's back to normal. Second year of college has started relatively well, with my Spanish lessons being the most interesting of the bunch ^^.

I will do my best to release new stuff but with some of my hectic courses, release dates will not be consistent and they will definitely be random.

That's all from me, how about you guys? Got anything interesting going on around this time of the year, or is everything just like it usually is? ^^

Yours: Ocredan

Happy Summer fellow deviants!

The time for my vacation comes near and it's time to pack my bags and head to the good 'ol U.S.

I'm attending Bronycon once more, since the last con was quite frankly the best three days of my short life ^^-

I wish you all an excellent summer and if there are any of my watchers or people I know at the con, I would be more than happy to chit chat.

Yours truly: Ocredan
It's been a while since my last tag but it sure is fun to participate in one again. I got tagged by :iconitchyicarus: ^^.

-You must post these rules
-Each person has to share 10 things about themselves
-Choose 10 people to tag and put them on your journal entry, nah, I'll settle on five =P
-Go to their page and inform them that they are tagged
-No tag-backs

1. I live in unknown regions

2. I work at a hospital when not studying

3. I study political science

4. I speak four languages

5. PC and PS3 are my primary gaming platforms

6. Aside from ponies, I love birds. I used to be a birdwatcher a long time ago

7.  My favorite cuisine has to be a well prepared, nice fat steak. There's just nothing like it.

8. I'm a progressive liberal

9. I have a bias against remakes of old films. Most of them suck imho

10. I'm addicted to Pepsi.

My answers were a little boring but since I've answered quite a few tags, it was pretty difficult to come up with stuff I hadn't mentioned before.

I'll tag the following people:

:iconheavymetalbronyyeah:, :iconeisluk:, :iconlethal-kitteh:, :icondodgerbaltoboltfan1: and :iconnospecificname:
It's February and winter's rampant right? Well wrong. My region has pretty much no snow, might as well be November =D.
Well this is it, the best darn time of the year. I extend my wish to all of deviantart!

Ps. I'm making sketches but since I'm away (at my parent's place), I cannot scan anything and the laptop lacks software, so new releases will not happen for a bit.

Yours truly: Ocredan
So for the past month or so, all of my deviations have been of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. With Sweetie Belle complete, I want to ask you, my watchers a question: Which one of these sketches you like the most?

Scootaloo's ride by Ocredan

Scootaloo's Ride

My Cutie Mark is a Pumpkin by Ocredan

My Cutie Mark is a Pumpkin

Three Weeks until Hearths Warming Eve by Ocredan

Three Weeks until Hearths Warming Eve

All comments and feedback are highly welcome!
It kicked ass, nuff' said.
Hello people, like a regular adult in his early 20s, I've been stuck in my studies for so long that I haven't been able to get any major work done. However now with my most enduring tests gone and with the premiere of season 4 of Friendship is Magic I believe I can get a little more work done. So just keep enjoying the fourth season and expect more stuff from me (whenever I can though)- ^^
Thank you people. Your unending support has kept me going through the most difficult of times. This is definitely my first milestone and I promise to improve as time goes on and I promise that I'll keep my watchers in mind.

Yours truly: Ocredan
Mood: Excited
   Listening to: Anything I like
   Reading: Many kinds of literature and news
   Watching: Friendship is Magic in order to prepare for the convention
   Playing: Nothing, I'm packing :P
   Eating: Regular food, saving the good stuff for the trip
   Drinking: Pepsi I suppose

Well people, it's late July and I'm finally on vacation. So what better way to start the vacation than having a trip to the U.S? :D

I'm going to New York and later Baltimore, where I shall also attend the 2013 Bronycon, which I cannot lie; is going to be the most amazing thing of my young life (atleast so I hope :P).

I'm not certain of how many of the people I know will be there but if any of you are there, I would love to chit chat and have a great time.

This will obviously mean that all of my current projects will be in hiatus for the time being, although I will be sketching even when I'm on the move in order to further improve as a drawer.

Well I gotta pack the last of my things and be ready for the almost three week trip. I wish a great summer to all of you and if any of you are in the convention, I wish for a splendid time.


Ps. Yes this journal lacks good structure and everything imaginable but not only am I excited but I'm also in a hurry. I hope you guys understand. :P
Well people I'm making new art to the best of my quality but I just feel there is still something lacking with it and thus I ask for you, my watchers to give me critique from now on. I would like to have four people that give me honest critique for all of my upcoming art and for these people, I will draw something for each. The first four who comment and accept, will get their requests drawn.

Cheers: Ocredan
Well it has been a year since I joined dA and uploaded my first drawing. I will keep this short to not waste anyone's valuable time ^^

I'm very grateful for all the support you, the dA community have given me. I draw mediocre art at best and still you guys view it, fave it and comment it xD.

Here's to another year of service here in dA and hopefully a vast improvent to my art.

Ps. If you guys wonder why I don't upload much art these days, it's the army. I'm not done yet but soon I will be.
Mood: Relaxed
   Listening to: Anything I like
   Reading: History
   Watching: Friendship is Magic
   Playing: DOOM 3 BFG Edition, Diablo III
   Eating: a lot of stuff
   Drinking: Pepsi of course

It's November, I'm having a weekend off from the military and apparently I've got myself tagged by :iconltlunarwolf:, so nothing to it but to do it ^^

* You must post these rules. Will do
* Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer. On it
* You have to choose ten people to tag and post their icons on your Journal. Not going to tag 10 people. Four will do
* Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged him/her. Alright then
* No tag backs. Got it
* No crap in the tagging section about "You're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag ten people. I said four and I meant it ^^.

Questions asked by :iconltlunarwolf::
1.Bungee Jumping or Sky Diving? Haven't tried either of them but I would prefer sky diving.
2.Favorite Nickelodeon Character? If Ren and Stimpy aired on Nickelodeon, then them.
3. Favorite Disney Character? Donald Duck
4. Would you rather wrestle a bear or diving into a pond full of Piranhas? Wrestle a bear. I'm the Big Dash after all :p.
5.Favorite Cartoon Network Character? Johnny Bravo
6.Old school Nickelodeon or New Nickelodeon? My country doesn't have the channel, so I don't know
7. Disney XD or Toon Disney? I don't know the difference between these xD.
8. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack or Pinkie Pie, Who would you rather hangout with? Rainbow Dash <3.
9. Trixie/Timmy or Tootie/Timmy? Trixie reminds me of Trixie from Friendship is Magic, so I'll pick her :p
10.Favorite Fictional Dog? Brian Griffin probably

The questions I ask:

1. What country would you like to visit?
2.Do you have a hero or a role model?
3. Where are you from?
4. How many languages can you speak? Would you like to learn more?
5. Is friendship magic or something else?
6.  Keyboard + Mouse or a controller?
7.Ever played any of the Doom games?
8. Got a favourite film series?
9. Do you have a favourite quote or a motto?
10.  What are you looking forward to right now?

I'll tag these people: :iconkoolprincessluna:, :iconimp344:, :iconthe-equinox-arises: and :icongreseres:. Alter the rules as you wish ^^
Well I got back from :iconyemto: a few days ago. As it turns out, I received a wonderful tablet from my good Yemto *Squee!*

This means that I will produce both digital and traditional art from now on. The digital art will take a little time getting used to but as they say, *Practice makes perfect.*

Ps. There shall be a hiatus in my new art, since I shall start my military service on the 9th of July.  I will try my best to release new art whenever I get time off from the army but nevertheless, I shall be releasing new art way less than before.

Before I end this, I just want to thank the wonderful dA community that has given me plenty of support, even with my art being mediocre at best, I wub you people ^^
For the whole spring I studied and studied in order to pass into the university and now finally on the second of July, I received a letter of acceptance.

I mean I feel like I truly accomplished something, like I truly worked myself to the core and all of it paid off. My life is going further as I get bigger responsibilities

Now that I've passed. I have a small vacation coming up tomorrow and I'll be meeting a fellow deviant. A great friend of mine :iconyemto:

I can't simply wait!

Ps. This journal entry probably is inconsistent and has a lot of mistakes but it is just due to how darn excited I am!
Well well, guess I got tagged again by my pal, :iconjonbuddy:, so time to answer them questions.

Question 1. What is your favorite color?
Answer.   Prussian blue or Sea blue

Question 2. Do you like Vocaloid?
Answer, Don't have enough experience with it to say really

Question 3. What is your favorite band and why?
Answer. Dream Theater. Their masterful playing, lyrics and great performance overall is enough to earn that mark

Question 4. Your favorite food?
Answer.  A nice juicy steak

Q5: Your favorite drink?
Pepsi, Pepsi Twist and Vanilla Pepsi <3

Question 6. Out of all the ponies in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, who is your favorite pony?
Answer. Rainbow Dash.

Question 7. Kiss me?
Answer. I think a brohoof will be good enough /)

Question 8. Are you a boy or a girl?
Answer. A guy

Question 9. Name one thing you hate about yourself.
Answer. I hate the way I speak ^^

Question 10. Name your favorite video game. (If you have a platform)
Answer. A tie between Diablo and Final Fantasy VII

I tag only two people this time